Communities: heart with hands

The end of a year is, it seems, opportune to introspection and retrospection. It is therefore the right time to share all the gratitude I have for the communities I belong to, whether they are agile, lean, clean, liberating structures…

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Yuriy and I have met at a session about framing a mission as coaches.

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Sylvia is an agile coach in Germany.

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What can I say about Susanne?

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Sónia is an agile coach in Portugal.

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Oana is an Agile Business DJ in France.

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Mirette is an agile & lean coach from Finland.

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IMHO Markus has a superpower.

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Mariusez is an agile coach from Poland.

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I can vouch for Lily's parrot skills!

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Inge is an agile coach from Belgium.

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David is another person I had the pleasure of meeting during a Dinner with Strangers in Prague in 2017.

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Colin is a surgeon and a facilitator in collective intelligence.

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Christoph is an agile coach from Germany.

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Christian is an agile coach from Romania.

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Picture a book 1, a cosy chair in a unoccupied space overlooking the main unconference space.

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Romain is an agile coach aka agility enabler.

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Julien started as a tech and agile freelancer some months ago.

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François is an agile coach.

As you can see he's always smiling and have awesome drawing skills. You don't want to make him mad! ;-)

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Fabrice is a lead tech.

He's a former colleague and a friend.

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Brice is a product owner.

He attends Esprit Agile Aix-Marseille‘s meetups on a regular basis.

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An incomplete report from the Agile Tour Zurich

Last weekend, I was in Zürich for the very first edition of the Agile Tour Zürich. Let me share with you an incomplete report of what happened there. One could say that there are plenty of Agile Tour in France, so why go to Switzerland to attend and to speak at one, right? Let's be honest. I was in the city this August for Agile Lean Europe 2018 and I did not fell in love with it.

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Mostafa is a sale manager. What a smile! I’m pretty sure I have a planning poker deck from his company somewhere.


Mohamed is a Scrum Master. We’ve met this summer at a Meetup about SAFe. We were pleased to bump into each other again.

Jean Luc

Jean-Luc is a consultant.

In order to come from New Caledonia, he spent more time on the plane than with us.

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Eric is a product owner. He came with his co-worker Anthony. I would quote Master Yoda on this one “Always two there are; no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.” Guess who’s who!


Anthony is a product owner. He was invited by his co-worker Eric. I would quote Master Yoda on this one “Always two there are; no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.” Guess who’s who!


Viviane is a facilitator. Her superpower? Graphic facilitation! She believes in the power of collective intelligence


Sophie is an Agile coach. She’s proud of what she has accomplished with her co-workers.

“From contempt to curiosity”, C. Walker – the genesis of Systemic Modelling

When one is talking about Clean Language and especially Clean with teams or groups, the time it takes before a reference is made to Caitlin Walker’s work is usually very short (around 10 to 15 seconds according to very serious studies). I’ve heard it mentioned so many times that I could not escape reading “From contempt to curiosity: creating the conditions for groups to collaborate”. Between you and me, I didn’t really force myself.

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When Work Is Magical

I have this question lingering on the back of my mind since I heard it asked by Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt at the Metaphorum. Lately, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into thinking about what I do, what I want to do, what my skills are and so on. It seems that I’ve been trying to put myself in a box (or multiple boxes) based on my deeds. Therefore this question “When my work is magical, it is like what?

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How to break free from content knowledge bias?

Do you ever feel that, as a facilitator, you are not as neutral as you would like to be? And that it is a barrier to achieve a better facilitation? I know I do. You might think that I had this feeling before when running a retrospective with one of my teams. It would make sense since I’m part of the team and get things done as well. Oddly enough, it is not.

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Jérôme is Scrum Master. He’s on an undercover mission but don’t tell anyone, it’s classified!


Yvan is one of the co-organizers of the Agile Tour Aix-Marseille. He’s embarking soon on a new professional journey! Feel free to call him Yves or Yann too.


Léo is an Agile/Lean coach. He came all the way from Switzerland to talk at Agile Tour Aix-Marseille 2017 in the south of France.

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Asmaa & Maria

Asmaa (left) is a product owner and Maria (right) is a developer. They rather liked to pose together.

Would you mind a bit of Clean Language with your retrospective?

Just under a month ago, I was preparing a retrospective for the main team that I coach. I like to regularly offer them different activities to stimulate their creativity and prevent a routine from settling in. So I was looking for a new format by browsing through my reading lists, books, and conference notes. That’s when the penny dropped! Wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to put my new Clean Language skills into practice? Of course, the answer was yes!

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